Christopher Loan

Research Assistant

“Christopher Loan is a former high school science teacher with a master’s degree in Prevention Science. After Spring 2021, he will advance to candidacy and begin his dissertation for a PhD in Quantitative Research Methods in Education at the UO. His research interests stand at the intersection of prevention science and education, with a broad goal of improving educational, psychosocial, and developmental outcomes for all adolescents through an equity lens.

Methodologically, Christopher relies on inferential statistics for his theory-based, confirmatory work; he leverages data science and machine learning for his exploratory and predictive work. Christopher’s recent works have been published in Tobacco Use Insights, Corrections, Alcohol & Alcoholism, and Prevention Science.

At BRT, Christopher acts as a data scientist, R package developer and maintainer, and methodologist, analyzing data for the Oregon Extended Assessment and the Virginia Alternate Assessment.

When he’s not behind a desk, you’ll be hard pressed to find Christopher inside. Much of his time is spent traveling Oregon competing in disc golf tournaments, but he is also a life-long skateboarder and a novice at many other hobbies such as rock climbing, hiking, and (traditional) golf.”  2016/06/25 at 7:48 pm