Training Modules

Literature Synthesis Writing Guide

Literature Synthesis Writing Guide. (2022). Alonzo, J., Irvin, P. S., Markedonova, Y., & Tindal, G.   Literature Synthesis Writing Guide Book Overview: We describe each chapter as an incremental step in the writing process. Though they are incremental and sequential, resulting in individual components of the synthesis, they come together in your completed paper from the beginning to the end. The book provides a guide for completing a synthesis, not a description about a synthesis.

Training Modules_2015: OR Assessment Frameworks-2015-2016 User Guide

Oregon Department of Education (ODE)/ Office of Student Services (OSS) sponsored test development activities: Oregon Assessment Frameworks (EAFs) – 2015-2016 User Guide . Farley, D., Irvin, P. S., Jonas, S., & Tindal, G. EAF 2015 – 16 User Guide      1. ODE/OSS English Language Arts Essentialized Assessment Frameworks ELA_EA Frameworks_2015      2. ODE/OSS Math Essentialized Assessment Frameworks Math_EA Frameworks_2015      3. ODE/OSS Science Essentialized Assessment Frameworks Science_EA Frameworks_2015

Training Modules_2015: Oregon Extended Item Development

Oregon Extended Item Development. (2014-2016). Farley, D., Irvin, P. S., Jonas, S., & Tindal, G.      1. Essentialization Process      2. OR Extended Assessment Test Blueprint_2015-­16      3. OR Extended Assessment Development Process 2015 ORExt_Item Devt_Process_2015      4. OR Extended Assessment Item Writer Trainings ORExt_Item Writer Training_2014      5. OR Extended Assessment-Item Development Info. & Specifications 2014-15 ORExt_ Item Devt Test Specs_2014      6. OR Extended Assessment Item Reviews-Fall 2014 ORExt ORExt_Item Reviews_Fall 2014

Training Modules_1989: Outcomes, Observation, Data Collection & Writing Scoring

Evaluating Outcomes in Consultation. (1989). Hasbrouck, J.  TM7_Outcomes in Consultation_1989 Data Collection Forms Used in the Resource Consultant Training Program. (1989).      Parker, R., Hasbrouck, J., & Tindal, G.  TM6_Resource Consultant_1989 Objective and Holistic Scoring of Writing. (1989). Hasbrouck, J.  TM2_Holistic Scoring_1989 Activity Structures Observation System. (1989). Parker, R., Hasbrouck, J., and Tindal, G.  TM1_Activity Structures_1989

Training Modules_2002: Concept-Based Instruction

Concept-Based Instruction. (2002)      Concept-Based Instruction: Science. (2002). Ketterlin-Geller, L. R., & Tindal, G.  CBI_Science_2002      Concept-Based Instruction: Mathematics. (2002). McDonald, M., Ketterlin-Geller, L. R., & Tindal, G. CBI_Math_2002      Concept-Based Instruction: Social Sciences. (2002). Twyman, T., Ketterlin-Geller, L. R., & Tindal, G.      CBI_Social Studies_2002      Concept-Based Instruction: Language Arts. (2002). Tindal, G. Alonzo, J. & Ketterlin-Geller, L. R.  CBI_Language Arts_2002

Training Modules_2001:OUTREACH and Concept-Based Instruction

Project OUTREACH: Consulting with Teachers on Use of Student Performance Data. (2001).      Crawford, L., Anderson, L., Finzel, A., Butera, D., & Tindal, G.  TM5_Project OUTREACH_2001 Concept-Based Instruction: Second Languages. (2001).      Bettesworth, L. R., Twyman, T., Ketterlin-Gelle, L. R. & Tindal, G. CBI_2nd Language_2001

Training Modules_1995: Intellectual Operations

Scoring Student Writing Using intellectual Operations: Examining Student Understanding Within Content Areas. (1995).      Joehnk, D. E., Tindal, G., & Nolet, V.  TM12_Intellectual Operations_1995

Training Modules_1993: Assessments and Curriculum-Based Measurement

Portfolio Assessment Using Curriculum-Based Measurement: A Model for Schools. (1993).      Hall, T., & Tindal, G.  TM10_Curriculum Based Measures_1993 District-wide Performance Assessment Using Curriculum-based Measures. (1993).      Tindal, G., Hall, T., & Nolet, V. TM9_District-Wide Assessment_1993 Focus on Assessment and Learning in Content Classes (1993).     Nolet, V., Tindal, G., & Blake, G.  TM4_Content Classes_1993