Here we present technical reports of the process or results of our research.


2019 Consequential Validity Survey Results for the Oregon Extended Assessments
Behavioral Research and Teaching (BRT) at the University of Oregon conducted the current consequential validity survey for the Oregon Department of Education (ODE). The purpose was to determine Oregon educator perceptions of the impact that implementation of the Oregon Extended Assessment (ORExt) program has upon the field in the areas of instruction and student opportunity for students with significant cognitive disabilities (SWSCD). BRT collected the information as a basis for continuous improvement efforts related to the ORExt. This is the fifth year collecting such information, with participants asked to respond to a range of quantitative and qualitative survey prompts. All participants were Qualified Assessors (QAs) and Qualified Trainers (QTs) in Oregon, and were assured of strict confidentiality, with aggregated survey results reported here to protect confidentiality.
Oregon Extended Assessment Consequential Validity Study 2019.


Selection, Links, Alignment: Establishing a Validity Position for Oregon’s Extended Assessments (2017)
Oregon’s Extended Assessments (ORExt) in English Language Arts, Mathematics, and Science were evaluated in a low-complexity alignment study conducted in Spring of 2017. Averages of reviewer professional judgments over five separate evaluations were gathered, reviewed, and interpreted in the pages that follow. In the three evaluations that involved determining the relationship between standards and items, reviewers identified sufficient to strong relationships among assessment components in all grades and all subject areas. In the two evaluations involving Achievement Level Descriptors, reviewers identified thirty instances of sufficient to strong relationships out of thirty-four possible relationship opportunities resulting in an overall affirmed relationship with areas for refinements identified. Oregon Extended Assessment Alignment Study 2017

Oregon Extended Assessment Pilot Tablet Administration Study Report Phase 2 (2017)
The Oregon Department of Education (ODE) commissioned Phase 2 of a two-year research study to determine the feasibility of statewide implementation of a tablet- based administration study in the spring 2017 test administration. The purpose of the Phase 2 study was to ensure that all data collection and sharing systems required of a tablet administration between ODE and Behavioral Research & Teaching (BRT) were operational and would result in secure, accurate reporting. All participants were provided with an Oregon Extended Assessment (ORExt) Tablet User Guide (see Appendix A), which explained how to download and use the ORExt testing application.
ORExt Pilot Tablet Study Report 2017


Oregon Extended Assessment Technical Report on Standard Setting ORExt Science ORExt Mathematics ORExt English Language Art (2015)
In June of 2015, 53 content area and special education experts, representing three subject areas met over the course of three days and were guided through a judgmental decision-making workshop to set the cut scores for Oregon’s 2015 Extended Assessments. Oregon’s Extended Assessments are designed for students with the most significant cognitive disabilities and were recently revised to align to the state’s Essentialized Assessment Frameworks. The Essentialized Assessment Frameworks provide a direct link to the English Language Arts and Mathematics Common Core State Standards, and Oregon’s Science Standards as well as the Next Generation Science Standards in Science, for this population. A third-party, neutral observer was present to document and evaluate the proceedings to determine the validity of the resulting cut scores. The documentation that follows, details the logistical and statistical procedures undertaken in preparation for the workshop, describes the procedures followed during the workshop, and documents steps taken after the workshop toward finalizing the cut scores for use by this population. The results of the workshop are included in this document and the validity of the process is affirmed. Oregon Extended Assessment Technical Report on Standard Setting 2015