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Center Stage with Headliner – Julie Alonzo

Headliner – Dr. Julie Alonzo August 2016 With a $1.5 million research grant from the Institute of Education Sciences (IES) launching in August of 2016, Dr. Julie Alonzo, Co-Director of BRT, is excited about the future. “The funding for Project DATA for RTI,” she explains, “came at the perfect time, exactly one decade after we received the initial funding that enabled us to develop the easyCBM system. The initial work, funded by the Office of Special Education Programs, gave us…
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BRT Manager Honored

Raina Megert, BRT Projects and Personnel Manager, awarded the U of O College of Education’s 2016 Officer of Administration Award May 17, 2016The award places Raina Megert in an elite group of University of Oregon employees who have been recognized for their outstanding service to students, the College, and/or state and community partners. Raina’s nomination mentioned the essential role she plays in the $12,000,000 National Center on Assessment and Accountability for Special Education (NCAASE), an IES funded center which has…
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BRT Research Assistant Advances

BRT Research Assistant Advances to Doctoral Candidacy May 17, 2016 BRT Research Assistant Dan Farley, who heads up our work on Extended Assessments for students with significant disabilities, successfully presented his dissertation proposal on May 5, 2016. This is the next-to-last step in his journey toward earning the coveted Ph.D. in Educational Methodology, Leadership, and Policy from the University of Oregon. Dan anticipates defending his dissertation in 2017. His study will focus on modeling growth for students with significant cognitive…
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