BRT Manager Honored

Raina_Award Raina Megert, BRT Projects and Personnel Manager, awarded the U of O College of Education’s 2016 Officer of Administration Award

May 17, 2016
The award places Raina Megert in an elite group of University of Oregon employees who have been recognized for their outstanding service to students, the College, and/or state and community partners. Raina’s nomination mentioned the essential role she plays in the $12,000,000 National Center on Assessment and Accountability for Special Education (NCAASE), an IES funded center which has required her to work with personnel from four state educational agencies, a non-profit testing agency, Arizona State University, the University of Oregon, and individuals from across the country who serve as consultants or as part of an Advisory Board. In addition, her work managing the internal accounts at the University of Oregon, including assisting with financial tracking, intellectual property transfer and trademark agreements, and setting up and managing the financial arrangements for the easyCBM Deluxe Edition, released in the fall of 2015, was commended. Another area in which Raina’s work was lauded was the interaction between BRT and the Oregon Department of Education. The nomination letter noted that since 1999, BRT has been the primary test vendor for the state’s Alternate Assessment, a large-scale high-stakes assessment aimed ant including students with significant cognitive disabilities in statewide testing programs. The nomination form ended with the following paragraph:

“These three areas are only part of the story, as she is also critical in other research grants and work within BRT that reflect well on the College of Education. In summary, Raina Megert deserves recognition from the College of Education for her important administrative functions; she accomplishes them with proficiency and efficiency. She is positive with people, responsible in follow through, and one of the best ambassadors of COE to other offices in the UO as well as agencies across the state and nation.”

Raina Megert, from all of us at BRT, we send you a hearty congratulations on a well-deserved award!