The Alignment between easyCBM Mathematics and Literacy Assessments and State and National Standards (2101)

Sáez, L., Whitney, M., Swanson, D. & Alonzo, J. The alignment between easyCBM mathematics and literacy assessments and state and national standards (2101). (Technical Report No. 2101). Eugene, OR: Behavioral Research and Teaching, University of Oregon.I n this technical report, we present the results of a 2020-2021 study of the alignment between the easyCBM© mathematics and literacy assessments and the content standards adopted in the fifty U.S. states. The study used a three-wave process. First, a team of researchers gathered…
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Development of the Prekindergarten Learning Receptiveness Assessment (LRA) Greenhouse: Process and Preliminary Findings (Technical Report No. 2001)

Sáez, L, & Irvin, P. S. Development of the prekindergarten learning receptiveness assessment (LRA) greenhouse: Process and preliminary findings. (Technical Report No. 2001). Eugene, OR: Behavioral Research and Teaching, University of Oregon. In this technical report we document the development and piloting of the Learning Receptiveness Assessment (LRA) Greenhouse for Prekindergarten. This technological tool was designed to prevent reading disabilities by supporting effective assessment-guided instructional decision-making by Preschool teachers. The LRA Greenhouse comprises a tablet-based formative assessment and app-enabled research-based…
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Congratulations to BRT’s Own, Dr. Julie Alonzo

Announcing New Faculty Hire – Dr. Julie Alonzo March 2020 I am pleased to announce the hire of Dr. Julie Alonzo, currently a Research Associate Professor and Co-Director of Behavioral Research and Teaching (BRT) as Lecturer in EMPL, academic program director for the DEd program, and contributor to other EMPL leadership preparation programs. Julie will serve a vital role in anchoring the DEd program, in particular, and engaging in continuous improvement of the academic program. Many of you know Julie…
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Research Probes Cause of Poor Academic Achievement in Children

A team of researchers in the College of Education will use a new grant to look at why some groups of children are at risk for performing more poorly in school. Known risk factors contribute to poor academic achievement; poverty, exposure to environmental toxins, and minority ethnicity or racial status are just a few. By identifying the challenges associated with lower academic achievement before children enter kindergarten, researchers hope to reduce systemic inequities and improve outcomes from education into adulthood. Daniel Anderson, Leilani Sáez and John…
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CORE – UO Research Supports Literacy Evaluation Program

April 2020 University research to improve reading fluency assessments will soon be helping teachers across the nation, thanks to a licensing agreement with the education technology company Analytical Measures Inc. College of Education research associate professor Joe Nese developed the Computerized Oral Reading Evaluation (CORE) to reduce the workload for teachers who must frequently test their students’ reading levels. Evaluation combines an innovative psychometric model and a custom set of reading passages with speech recognition software to better evaluate student…
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Celebrating a Milestone

Celebrating 5 years at BRT February 13, 2020 Rob Robinson, one of our Analyst Programmers, was recognized by the University of Oregon in the final months of 2019 for his five years of stellar service to UO. Since coming to the University of Oregon from California State University, Fresno, Rob has both headed up both tech operations at BRT and taken the lead as the primary computer programmer supporting the widely-used easyCBM® system. “Rob is an incredible colleague,” noted BRT…
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NCME – Special Conference on Classroom Assessment (September 18th-19th, 2019, Boulder, CO)

NCME – Special Conference on Classroom Assessment (September 18th-19th, 2019, Boulder, CO) The National Council on Measurement in Education (NCME). The purpose of this special conference is to foster dialog between education practitioners, policymakers and researchers around implementing principled approaches to developing and using classroom assessment for teaching and learning.  For this third special conference on classroom assessment, we emphasize the importance and role of Research-Practice Partnerships between researchers and education practitioners to advance coherent approaches in the design and uses of classroom…
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Article Published: Changes in Status and Performance Over Time for Students With Specific Learning Disabilities

Changes in Status and Performance Over Time for Students With Specific Learning Disabilities With the shift from No Child Left Behind (NCLB) to Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA), accountability models are being changed. Given the past 15 years of reporting on student subgroups and IO years using various growth models, accountability systems can now be better informed. In this study, we analyze identification and services of students with specific learning disabilities (SLDs). First, we document the degree to which they…
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Initial Norms for the easyCBM® Spanish Language Vocabulary Assessments (Technical Report No. 1901)

Alonzo, J. Initial norms for the easyCBM® Spanish language vocabulary assessments.(Technical Report No. 1901). Eugene, OR: Behavioral Research and Teaching, University of Oregon. This technical brief describes the easyCBM® Spanish language Vocabulary assessments added to the easyCBM® system in the fall of 2018 and provides the initial norms for the fall and winter assessments. These norms should be interpreted with caution, as the sample was smaller than ideal, particularly for the Winter norms.     TechRpt_1901

ReadWorks Article-A-DayTM: Using a Maze Assessment to Test the Impact Of Building Background Knowledge on Reading Comprehension (Technical Report No. 1902)

Nobles, S., Anderson, D., Raman, M., Laird, K. & Tindal, G. ReadWorks Article-A-DayTM: Using a maze assessment to test the impact of building background knowledge on reading comprehension. (Technical Report No. 1902). Eugene, OR: Behavioral Research and Teaching, University of Oregon. This study was premised on the importance of vocabulary in comprehending text. Critical findings from both the National Reading Plan (NRP) and the National Reading Technical Assistance Center (NRTAC) frame this study, both in the intervention that was implemented and…
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