Development of the Prekindergarten Learning Receptiveness Assessment (LRA) Greenhouse: Process and Preliminary Findings (Technical Report No. 2001)

Sáez, L, & Irvin, P. S. Development of the prekindergarten learning receptiveness assessment (LRA) greenhouse: Process and preliminary findings. (Technical Report No. 2001). Eugene, OR: Behavioral Research and Teaching, University of Oregon. In this technical report we document the development and piloting of the Learning Receptiveness Assessment (LRA) Greenhouse for Prekindergarten. This technological tool was designed to prevent reading disabilities by supporting effective assessment-guided instructional decision-making by Preschool teachers. The LRA Greenhouse comprises a tablet-based formative assessment and app-enabled research-based intentional teaching activity plans, monitoring checklist, and reports; it also includes a support website containing printable curriculum materials, online training modules, and teacher resources.     TechRpt 2001