Supplementary Report on easyCBM Grade K – 2 Literacy Measures: Classification Accuracy and Predictive Validity, a Follow-Up to Technical Report 1403 (Technical Report 1805)

Alonzo, J. & Anderson, D. (2018). Supplementary report on easyCBM grade k – 2 literacy measures: Classification accuracy and predictive validity, a follow-up to technical report 1403. (Technical Report 1805). Eugene, OR: Behavioral Research and Teaching, University of Oregon. This technical report is an addendum to a study we initially reported on in 2014 (Wray, Lai, Sáez, Alonzo, & Tindal, 2014). In response to a request for additional analyses, in particular reporting confidence intervals around the results, we re-analyzed the data from the Wray et al study. This supplementary report presents the results of the additional analyses. Results varied by measure and grade but were generally within good or acceptable ranges for all measures and grade levels analyzed.     TechRpt_1805