Project ICEBERG Exploration: Using Implementation Science to Guide Preschool Reading Disabilities Prevention (Technical Report 1802)

Irvin, P. S., Sáez, L,, Pilger, M., Alonzo, J., Squires, J., Twombly, L., &  Tindal, G. (2018). Project ICEBERG exploration: Using implementation science to guide preschool reading disabilities prevention. Technical Report No. 1802). Eugene, OR: Behavioral Research and Teaching, University of Oregon. In this technical report, implementation strategies from the first two years of Project ICEBERG exploration are described. Over this period of time, a new preschool assessment, curricular activity, and teacher training tool called the Learning Receptiveness Assessment-Greenhouse application, was iteratively developed, refined, and piloted to better support preschool children’s literacy, behavioral, and working memory processing skills and facilitate improved learning as they approach the transition to kindergarten and beyond.     TechRpt_1802