Study of the Reliability of CCSS-aligned Math Measures (2012 Research Version): Grades 6-8 (Technical Report No. 1312)

Anderson, D., Alonzo, J., Tindal, G. (2013). Study of the reliability of CCSS-aligned math measures (2012 research version): Grades 6-8 (Technical Report No. 1312). Eugene, OR: Behavioral Research and Teaching, University of Oregon. In this technical report, we describe the results of a study of mathematics items written to align with theCommon Core State Standards (CCSS) in grades 6-8. In each grade, CCSS items were organized into forms, and the reliability of these forms was evaluated along with an experimental form including items aligned with the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM) Focal Point Standards. The purpose of the experimental measure was to evaluate how previously existing math items functioned empirically relative to the CCSS items.    TechRpt_1312